Musings on the beautiful game behind the beautiful game and one man’s story of his inevitable journey to the bottom of fantasy.premierleague.com.

This blog celebrates the simple joy of picking a team of 11 players from the English Premier League and competing in a fun, fantasy scenario in which these players earn points for their individual performances and contribute to a team score that is tabulated each week to enable you to compare your score to those of your friends and colleagues.

Or, as true Fantasy Football players know it, an obsession that requires advanced statistics, encyclopedic knowledge of lesser known squad players and believing that shouting at a screen constitutes a rousing half time speech.

About the author:  Matt Bundy is a freelance writer and stand up comedian. A man whose love of Fantasy Football is only matched by his lack of skill at every aspect of the game. He is currently lying 1,056th in The Guardian Fiver’s ‘1,057 pedants’ league. In his past life as an ad man he once designed and built a spreadsheet that ran a Fantasy Football league for his work colleagues. The 3 hours required to manually type in the scores each week did not dampen his fervour for the game.

If you wish to contact Matt for writing opportunities, he sometimes reads emails sent to mpbundy@gmail.com at the times when he is not glued to Opta stats and transfer gossip.


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