Fiver minutes of fame


Good to see that the good people at The Guardian’s Fiver have thrown their weight behind my plea for playing Fantasy Football the right way – principles not points. All I need now is for 1,056 members of the Fiver reader’s ‘1,057 Pedants’ league to get behind my campaign and I can enjoy the meaningless, prizeless thrill of victory.

In other news, to celebrate breaking the 500 reader barrier (definitely through word of mouth, not just through sneaking in a link to my blog onto the Fiver and hijacking their readership), I’m proud to announce the inaugural Fantasy Football Trials Fans league. Sign up on using the code 1118173-609835 to be subjected to ridicule on these pages and be in with the chance of winning fantastic prizes – namely my respect and envy.

No time to rest on my laurels after this brief flash of fame, back to toiling through the preview to week 2. Just got off the phone with Steve Parish to reject his kind offer to transfer my skill at slavishly picking Jason Puncheon every week regardless of form to Selhurst Park. I can’t leave my post after all the work my Fantasy Players put into pre-season. No, it’s back to the Fantasy Manager stats grind for me.



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